Were Ancient Egyptians Attempting Time Travel

by Robert E. Rainer, MD



The Life Expectancy Formula (Time or Life expectancy equals the square root of distance squared times Mass times one over energy) that I have derived from e=Mc2, contain not only the variables that alter life span but in fact may alter the element of time.  We may travel into the future by sleep, hibernation, meditation, caloric reduction, coma, and prayer. All of the aforementioned measures, decrease our energy (e) component.  Additionally, we may time travel by traversing large distances (increasing d) either by flying, riding, or ideally space travel.  Lastly, we may alter the hands of time by residing in enormous structures which increase the mass (M) variable.

It is rather presumptuous to assert that earlier cultures were unaware of the components of time.  My personal postulate is that ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were attempting to indeed time travel.  They erected enormous structures, the pyramids, to harbor their mummified corpses in order to increase the mass component of the time equation. Immortality, in the minds of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, held infinite value. Hence, the pyramid, by virtue of its enormous size or mass, altered the element of time.  These Pharaohs, I believe, planned to awaken in the distant future.  Naturally, they did not want to awaken in an impoverished state.  Hence, it was imperative to be buried with ones valuables in order to reach the distant future while remaining part of the social elite.  

 Attempting to travel into the future is equivalent to taking measures to increase longevity.  By altering energy, distance, and mass we are able to increase our personal longevity and thus alter time relative to those around us.  Decrease calories, pray, marry, love, jog, rest, meditate, travel, reside in a large high rise building-- These are only a handful of measures which may allow us to remain youthful.  Short of living in a high rise and jogging, Jesus relayed these same principles thousands of years ago. 

 As we develop more sophisticated means of increasing mass (M) and distance (d) while likewise decreasing energy (e), we will witness considerable advances in human longevity. Now that we are beginning to understand the components of a long life, let's all take strides to improve its quality as well.  Embracing and loving thy neighbor has and will always remain a first step in the right direction for a long and productive life.  Nonetheless, with all things considered, time travel will ultimately be mastered.  But from physical descriptions of the inhabitants of UFO's, clearly our appearance is in for a drastic change.

Robert E. Rainer, MD, is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He completed his residency training in obstetrics and gynecology in 1995 and shortly afterward established his medical practice (see: www.brooklyngynplace.com ). Dr. Rainer's practice flourished and is now a leading OB/GYN practice in New York City. Get his book: www.doctorsguidetowealth.com/index.htm

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